Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tap tap tap. Is this thing on?

OK, so its only been several months since I posted. Would you believe I've been busy? But it's fun to look back at my old posts, which warned during spring training of a couple things. 1) The A's couldn't hit. 2) Occassionally, the A's pitching was good. Both have proven true.

Listening to the A's and Mariners fail to score on each other. Dan Johnson is back in the majors and yesterday hit his first MLB homer. Zito is holding the Mariners down, while the A's bats hold the offense down. Kotsay is on the block, supposedly. I wonder -- someone's got to teach the kids, and Beaneball 1.0 wasn't REALLY good till David Justice got here. 2.0 needs someone just the same.

Only in the very rarest of occassions do human beings elevate themselves to the top without the tutelage of someone who has been there. Not that they need someone to hold their hand all the way up, but they need a push in the right direction. Swisher got one from Kendall -- i.e, shut up until you do something. Kotsay has that kind of respect, I think. He's the kind of guy who would make a play in high school and see rest of us on our knees, bowing, when he came back to the dugout. You need people like that on a team. Their near supernatural abilities tend to mesmerize people into listening to them.

I'm excited. I didn't expect dividends this fast, but Haren can win 15-20 every year, looks like. I've only seen Kiko a couple times, but if that elbvow stays together he's N-A-S-T-Y. Street is not only really really good, he might be the brightest dude in the majors. Seriously. Read his ESPN columns. And Harden, to borrow from AN, truly is King Richard.

We've won our last four series. We have a losing record, but the future is a panacea. The riches on the horizon are unfathomable, if this team from top (Wolff) to bottom is managed correctly. The A's have, I would argue, the most underrated team history in the major leagues. From Jimmie Foxx and Shibe Park and the too-long Connie Mack years to the KC hiccup to the Swingin's A's and Charlie Finley's bizarre days to Billyball to the Bash Brothers to Beaneball, versions 1.0 and 2.0. So it feels like its starting over, even as the year's half old.

Let's go A's.