Monday, July 26, 2004

Tale of two games
Zito starts off poorly, but the A's offense comes back big time. It's 13-5, A's over Seattle, in the 8th inning.

A couple observations:

There has been a lot of talk about Zito tipping his pitches. I think he is, but not in the way you think. During Barry's windup, he flashes the ball behind his back. Looking at it, I'm pretty sure the hitter gets a good look at the grip as the bal comes back and to the left of his body -- before the kick home. Is this it? I'm just asking, but it seems like they could pick the grip up there - he holds it for a second -- before adjusting their eyesight to the release point.

Two, the A's offense is clearly better than last year. They have several hitters around .300, and power can come from most spots in the lineup. They could get even better on that front. Stars include Hatteberg, Durazo and Kotsay. Oh, and Crosby. I told ya the kid is good.