Friday, September 24, 2004

If the Giants are to polish off the Dodgers and win the West, they'll have the Brad Penny trade to thank. Penny pitched four innings on Wednesday, giving up 4 quick runs to the Padres before departing with the same forearm nerve injury that limited him to only start two games for the Dodgers. Today the team said Penny is done for the season. So for the price of their starting catcher, the best setup man in the NL and their right fielder, the Dodgers got Hee Seop Choi in return. Choi has had 11 at bats and one hit this month, and he might not see the plate again this year if it weren't for Yom Kippur. Nice move, Paul. They teach you that at Harvard?

This is the series that could well decide the season. With the Cubs schedule filled with games against the Norfolk Tides and Louisville Bats, the Giants might have a better shot at winning the division outright then taking the Wild Card. After last night's Dustin Hermanson blowup (nice swinging bunt Bags), the Giants are looking down the barrell of the 1.5 game deficeit with the Dodgers, so only a three game sweep will give them the division lead before they head to Petco Tuesday. Winning two of three will leave them a half game behind the Dodgers. Lose two of three and they'll have to hope the Cubs spit the bit in Shea. They get swept, and the team can start making October hunting plans on Jeff Kent's ranch.

This weekends pitching matchups.

Friday: Odalis Perez (6-6 3.39) ERA vs. Kirk Rueter (8-11 4.82 ERA)
Saturday: Jose Lima (13-5, 4.06) vs Brad Hennessey (2-2, 4.40)
Sunday: Jeff Weaver (12-12, 4.00) vs. Brett Tomko (11-6, 4.15)