Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bad Timing
Dan Johnson gets sent down the day he hits two home runs. Sure, it was only the PCL MVP's second and third of the year, but it was enough to tie him for second on the team this spring. The A's have shown a total lack of power: Eric Byrnes leads with five. I guess the good thing is that we go into the season with people that are due.

Scutaro and Bocachica are probably out, which in the first instance is too bad and in the second ... eh. Yabu means bullpen in Japanese. Etherton's outbust may have given Saarloos the fifth starter spot, at least until his elbow breaks again.

I'm a little worried about Bobby Crosby though. Didn't he lead spring training last year in homers? He has none this year, and sports a nifty .212 average. Overall, this has not been a good spring for the team. A lot of quiet bats, a lot of sloppy defense, flashes of brilliant pitching.

I hope better things are to come.